Getting Started The following table describes the optional load files used as the core source for loading each dimension. Optional Load File Description Asset_Class (Asset_Class.csv) Supports loading of current assets. These asset classes are used to calculate depreciation expenses in the Capital Expenditure module. Asset_Data (Asset_Data.csv) Data from fixed asset system used to provide depreciation expenses for existing assets in the Capital Expenditure module. Compensation_Monthly_Data (Compensation_Monthly_Data.csv) Extract from the payroll system to provide compensation data by employee by month. This is used for the Forecasting Module only. FTE_Monthly_Data (FTE_Monthly_Data.csv) Contains the current population of fee earners and administrative staff for loading actual data used for the Forecast Module only. GL_Rollups (GL_Rollups.csv) Used to created the Account hierarchy (rollups) for reporting purposes by specifying ranges of accounts and how the rollup. This is used to replace the rollup columns in the Account load file. Revenue_Monthly_Data (Revenue_Monthly_Data.csv) The data source for the worked hours and worked value by timekeeper derived from the time and billing system. Used for the Forecast Module only.