proCube enables organizations to create dynamic solutions quickly—in hours rather than days—between relational and multidimensional Databases. With Xchange, Users have true online access to transactional data—as that data is recorded in real time—within a multidimensional format. Users have the ability to drill through to source relational tables, to examine records that constitute data points in Cubes. Xchange also enables Users with requisite rights “write back” changes and store multidimensional data in relational format. proCube leverages investments and knowledge in existing Database systems, providing unprecedented flexibility and speed for the back-end integration of transaction and analytical systems. By employing Excel and the Web browser as a front end, proCube connects Users throughout an organization with underlying data sources via the tools they know best, direct to their desktops—another example of how proCube leverages company investments and knowledge. With real-time transaction data at their fingertips, analysts are far more productive: the business models they create contain up-to-the-instant information; they no longer waste time keying in figures or trying to reconcile data from various sources, including individual spreadsheets. Working with real-time data, analysts can combine information from different business models/Cubes via proCube’s rich formula language to support “what if” analytical scenarios and to produce standard and ad hoc reports. Xchange facilitates the immediate updating of budget and forecast models, so companies can react with exceptional speed to changing business conditions. proCube is one single solution, closing the gap between relational and multidimensional worlds.