onePlan Business Unit Planner (P&L Planner)

This User Guide is intended for all users of onePlan Business Unit Planner, who enter and maintain forecasted data. This document will define how the Excel ribbon interface and task bar functionality may be controlled from within a onePlan workbook. The Excel task bar refers to the fixed and pop up menu options available in Excel versions preceding Excel 2007, while the Ribbon is the new interface which is used in Excel 2007 and subsequent. Some of the functionality surrounding Administration, which covers the administration of the system, setup and maintenance of forecast rules, as well as periods and utilities. This functionality will not be available to the casual end user.

1. Initial Steps

2. Business Unit Forecasting

3. Controlling the onePlan Display

4. Forecast Rules

5. Administration, System Settings and Other Features

6. Glossary


onePlan Release Notes