onePlan Release Notes 8.5.314 - 04/04/2016


  • Made compatible with Office2013 - 32 bit
  • Target Alias now updates with Hierarchy Year when rolling forward to a new year

Bug Fixes:

  • Runtime 91 error received when updating Forecast Dependencies
  • Runtime 91 error received when closing all envisage/onePlan workbooks
  • User gets disconnected from application when only the app workbook is closed
  • Close button caused an error when closing application
  • Non-Modal form won’t show when Modal Form is Displayed
  • Open Workbook form does not stay in front of all worksheets when navigating from one spreadsheet to the next
  • Multiple forms - Background color in text boxes showing as active window title bar color

Known Issues:

  • Numeric Formatting of Quick Graphical Analysis is still inconsistent - this is unchanged
  • If multiple onePlan spreadsheets are opened at one time, and then the last one is closed, and a full refresh is done, the closed spreadsheet reopens


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