5.3 Other

 From the Menu, select Control CenterOptionsOtherSynch and Calculate

Synchronize Meta Data

Select thisfeature if you have recently updated the meta data.  Whether you have defined new rollups in your account structure or refreshed and xChange cube.  Synchronizing your meta data will now reflect these changes in your templates. 

Workbook Full Recalculate

Select this feature if you need to perform a full recalculation in the active Excel workbooks.

 Hierarchy Checker

After selecting a dimension by clicking the drop down box, Click the  icon to get a list of aggregates to select.  Once selected, click the green check in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  The hierarchy checker will proceed by evaluating all members of the dimension and identify which members are missing from the hierarchy and which are duplicated.  If an account is duplicated click the record.  Under the member information window will be the identified rollups where the duplicated member is located.



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