Forecast Rules

The application allows the administrator to set up a rule against each account, to create the forecast for future periods automatically.

Rule Summary

The forecast rule in use is indicated by the 3-letter code in the adjacent column.

Gro:  Seasonal Growth

Man: Manual Input  

PoP: Percentage of Previous

PoC: Percentage of Current

Rec: Recurring Value

Tar: Target


Represents anything that you would like to add as a point of reference while forecasting to the account.

Further Rule Options

Additional information about the forecast rule, and changes to rule parameters are available from the right-click menu. 

Note that options may be greyed-out where they are not applicable or allowed.  


Modify Period Parameters

Use this option to change the parameters used for the forecast rule for each period.  You can select a Global parameter set, a Business Unit Parameter set, or a Specific parameter set just for thisaccount/business unit.  If the rule's amend ability has been to set to No Ability, then this option wil not be available to the users.

Use Manual Input

Use this iption to over-ride a forecast rule to change the account to manual input.

A confirmation message will be displayed before the change is made.  

Use Defined Method

If a rule has been over-ridden, this is indicated by an asterisk next to "Manual" in the Rule Summary column.

In this case, this option is available to re-set the account to its defined rule.


Again, a confirmation message is provided.

Rule Information

This option shows a screen which gives information about the rulse that has been set up, and the parameters in use.  The screen has a different appearance depeding on the rule in use.


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