2.3 Other P&L Forecasting Information


Context Menu

Right-click on any of the account names on the left hand column, to display an additional options menu.

Quick Graphical Analysis

This screen displays a graphical representation of the account actual/forecast over time, and allows coparison to Actual, Budget or Previous Forecast.  Click on the radio buttons to xhange the comparison version.  Also note three years of data in the table at the bottom of the screen and a user can post notes in the bottom left hand corner. 


Enter any notes to be saved against this account/business unit.  Enter the relevant notes, and click to save the changes.  These notes can also be entered on the main Business Unit Forecasting screen, if the appropriate columns are shown.  Notes can also be entered in under the Quick Graphical Analysis screen shot shown above.  

Target Calculator 

This option allows you to calculate targets for this year and next year, based on last year's results, last 3 periods annualized or last period annualized with appropriate uplifts.  The target can then be used as part of a Target Spread rule(if this is set up by the administrator), or for coparison with the current forecast.




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