1.3 onePlan Toolbars and Menus

After opening the Core P&L Forecasting template the toolbar and menu should have changed to something similar to below. The purpose of the onePlan Menu is to empower the user to build their own menu through Navigator, set administrative controls in Options, maintain their connection, select your dimensional members and perform ad-hoc analysis, set parameter controls and control report groupings through Actions.
The Excel 2007 & 2010 ribbon is divided into the following groups:

Group Description
Command Centre

Contains any application functionality inclucing rules, period end and other utilities

This is displayed fo all onePlan workbooks


Current onePlan database connection information

This is displayed for all onePlan workbooks


Worksheet defined dimension selectors 

This is displayed if there are one or more dimension selectors defined for the active worksheet 

Active Workbook

Functionality pertaining to the current worksheet 

This is displayed for all onePlan workbooks





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