6. Glossary

Aggregate           A member with children
Child                   A member that falls under another member in a hierarchy
CPU                    Central Processing Unit.
Cube                   A collection of data points
Cube Export         The process of exporting data from proCube to a text file.
Cube Transfer      The process of transferring data 
Data Point            The intersection of members of a cube
Detail                   A member with no children
Dimension            Part of a cube
ERM                     Envisage Reporting Module
Fact Data              Values assigned to data points
Group                  A collection of users
Hierarchy             A combination of members arranged into detail and aggregate members
Memeber             Part of a dimension
Meta Data            Data that gives data meaning
Module                Part of the solution
OLAP                  Online Analytical Processing
Parent                 A member that has members under it in a hierarchy
proCube              Multi-Dimensional OLAP Database
PTD                    Period to Date
PTG                    Period to Go
Sibling                The relationships of one child to another under the same parent
Slice                   A view of data defined by selections of members within a cube
Snapshot             A predefined cube transfer
Solution               The entire business solution, including the staging database, the proCube database                               and the Exel reports and Utilities
Staging Database  Database that consolodates and manipulates source data
User                    A person who has access to the database
Xchange              The process of refreshing data from a relational source
Xchange Cube      Cube that contains data direct from the relational source


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