3.1 Column Selections

The Actions Menu drives analysis for the user to perform analysis on the company’s actuals, forecasted and budgeted values. Below are the different options available in your Actions Menu surrounding the user defined column selections:

 From the Menu, select Active WorkbookActionsHide Forecast This Year

This function hides the periods to go for your current analysis. 

If you go back to Active WorkbookActions the menu will have changed to now allow you to Show Forecast This Year

Select this option to bring back your original data set.

From the Menu, select Active WorkbookActionsComparatives

This menu provides additional display functionality in addition two forms of your own saved analysis that you can create through the Advanced option at the bottoom of the list. 

Click Advancd to view some of your options.


The Advanced Menu Box empowers the end user additional functionality to display and hide columns.  

Take a moment and select Last Year and Round Period Totals to nearest '000

After selecting the check boxes click  and take a look at your new workbook.  

When completed go back to Active WorkbookActionsComparatives

Select the Radio Button for Variances Analysis on the left hand side of the dialogue box.

Under Analysis 1 click and choose your analysis from the Comparison column selection dialogue box.

For this example, select Actual-Last Year PtD and Forecast-This Year PtD


When your done click

Click  to change the display, and  to exit screen. 


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