Administering Publisher

Administrating Publisher

Reports and databases

proCube Publisher creates a database in SQL that stores all markups and reports as XML files in separate tables. These tables store information about every choice or selection you made during the markup and report configuration processes.

Re-starting SQL server

SQL Server must be running in order to use Publisher. If SQL Server is not running, an error message opens.

To manually start the SQL Server:

  1. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrator Tools, Services.  The following dialog appears:

  1. Select the MSSQL$PUBLISHER service.

  2. When you right-click on this service, a drop-down menu appears. Select Start to restart the SQL server.


Figure 1.    Restarting SQL Server

Launch reports (log files)

When you launch a report, error messages are generated in the XML file, which is located in the C:\Temp\ directory (or other directory designated when Publisher was installed). This XML file captures every detail about the report, including when it was sent, who received it, the members and dimensions that were selected, the types of outputs and who received them, the report options selected, and any errors that occurred when the report was launched.

Common error messages

The following table lists some of the common error messages that you may receive:

  • in the XML file generated after launching a report (in Temp file)

  • as message boxes while configuring a report

  • in an E-mail

Unless otherwise noted, when you receive a warning message, you will find these errors listed in the report’s XML file, which is located in the C:\Temp\ directory (or other directory designated when Publisher was installed).

Error Type

Error Message


Recommended Action

Conditional Cell Errors

<Error>The value 160 in the conditional cell is not a boolean in Sinai.Generator</Error>

You selected a conditional cell that is not a Boolean cell

Open your spreadsheet and re-write the conditional cell to Boolean (i.e., true/false). Edit the markup for the report, re-select the conditional cell, and re-launch the report


Via e-mail: “No reports were generated.  This is probably due to a conditional cell evaluating to false for all loops.”

The conditional cell in all spreadsheets is False. (You will receive this message only if you selected E-mail or serverpublication type plus notification via E-mail).

Open your spreadsheet and re-write the conditional cell to true so that it generates an effect, rather than false. Re-launch the report.

Select Members Options Errors

The member set specified for (dimension name) has no members. in Sinai.WorkBuilder

You selected the Aggregate Member option for a dimension, and that dimension does not contain aggregate members.

Open the proCube configuration tool, edit your existing report, and select an appropriate Member Selection option for that dimension. Re-launch the report.


<Error>The member set specified for (dimension name) has no members in Sinai.WorkBuilder</Error>

You used Select Level to specify members, and the level you selected does not exist in that dimension.

Open the proCube configuration tool, edit your existing report, and select an appropriate level for that dimension. Re-launch the report.

Access Denied Error

<Error>Access is denied. in Sinai.Orchestrator Service Account</Error>

1) you logged into the computer with a different domain than the user who installed Publisher.

2) you are using a directory that doesn’t have the correct access permissions.

Log in as the user who installed proCube (or obtain the access permissions), or change directories. Re-launch the report.

Printer Errors

Via e-mail, you receive the message, “The proCube report has been generated and printed on the network printer,” but no reports were generated.

You don’t have a default printer on your machine. Publisher does not know this, so no error is generated, and you receive the e-mail message. 

Set up a default printer on your machine and launch reports again.


<Error> Error when attempting to print in Sinai.Publisher </Error>.

The printer has indicated that an error occurred while printing.

Fix the printer problem and re-launch the report.

E-Mail Errors

<Error>E-mail error: FAILURE_CONNECT in Sinai.Publisher </Error>

The e-mail server is not responding.

Ask a network administrator to fix the e-mail server problem. Re-launch the report.


<Error>E-mail error: FAILURE_AUTHENTICATE in Sinai.Publisher </Error> 

The files are created but no E-mail will be sent.

The installer did not enter a correct SMTP address when installing proCube Publisher.

Use the Repair/Modify/Remove Wizard that installs with Publisher to fix the installation and add the SMTP address. Re-launch the report.

Output Directory Errors

<Error>Could not find a part of the path "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\proCube\report name-DefaultUser-1-1_time and date.html". in Sinai.Publisher</Error>

You typed in an output directory that doesn’t exist. (In the example, the proCube folder didn’t exist.)

Edit the report configuration and enter the correct output directory. Or, add proCube as subdirectory to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\. Then re-launch the report.


<Error>The network path was not found. in Sinai.Publisher</Error>

You are trying to write to a different machine The folder you selected to write to is NOT a shared folder, and you do not have permission to access it.

Write to a different folder that is shared.


<Error>Access to the path "\\Qatest9\Publisher\Test output directory2-DefaultUser-1-1_08-14-2003_12-16-20.html" is denied. in Sinai.Publisher

You are trying to write to a different machine and the file is a shared file—but it does not have “Access to all” permission. You are not on the shared permission list.

Gain access to the shared folder, or write to a different folder.

Temp Directory Errors

After you select a report to configure, see message box:

“Could not find a part of the path "C:\BadTempPath\”

The temp directory you entered doesn’t exist.

Use the Repair/Modify/Remove Wizard that installs with Publisher to 1) fix the installation and 2) add the new temp directory.


After you select a report to configure, see message box: “Invalid Temp Directory.”

You haven’t entered a temp directory at all, or you selected a path that isn’t on the C drive.

Enter a temp directory, or select a path that is on the C drive.

Launcher Errors

<Error>Failed to Launch: Index was outside the bounds of the array.</Error> No reports are sent.

When scheduling reports, you incorrectly entered a report name in a list of reports to generate. The report name doesn’t exist, so none of the reports in the list will be sent.

Open up Microsoft Scheduler and fix the name of the report.

proCube Connection Error

<Error>Unable to connect to proCube. in Sinai.Generator

You receive this error when the database 1) was deleted, 2) moved from the folder, 3) closed in the server, and 4) the user does not have rights to the database.

Check each possible reason for the error, identify the source of the error, and rectify as appropriate.


<Error>Server execution failed in Sinai.WorkBuilder</Error>

You receive this error after launching a report that is connected to a database on the server. The server was shut down or the database was moved while launching the report.

Reconnect the MDB server and make sure database is open.


You looped through a Column or a Row dimension, instead of looping through a page dimension. As a result,  no data from that row or column appears in the report.

The data will not change from report to report.

Re-select your members and dimensions in the markup and loop through a page member.

Excel Errors

Chart sheets are not appearing in the “Select Sheets to Generate” dialog in markup.

Chart sheets are not supported by proCube Publisher. You cannot select them as part of a report.

Either 1) save your charts on a standard worksheet page (not a chart page) or 2) do not include the charts in your report.


Excel hangs.

If you do not have the Excel add-in for proCube, Excel will hang.

Install the Excel add-in for proCube.


In your .XML file: <Error>The password you supplied is not correct. Verify that the CAPS LOCK key is off and be sure to use the correct capitalization. in Sinai.Generator</Error>

If you have a protected sheet in your workbook, you will be asked to supply the password for the protected sheet when you launch the report. If you enter the wrong password, Excel will not close automatically, and you will receive the error message.

Type in the correct password.


<Error>Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC. in Sinai.Generator</Error>

Either 1) you are generating a very large report (i.e., looping through more than 400 members), or 2) you are generating a secure database sheet with a conditional cell, and your conditional cell = #Value.

1) Consider that the Excel error may be due to lack of memory. Try to create fewer than 400 spreadsheets for one recipient.

2) Consider that your conditional cell is equaling “#value!” because the recipient doesn’t have access to the data. Default to False.

Miscellaneous Errors

<Error>Process is in use</Error> in an XML file or message box while configuring a report: “We could not execute your request since the process is in use.”

You receive this error when: 1) You are opening the web page on a different machine and you try to configure or launch a report while on the main machine, or  2) an error is causing the system to get stuck.

Check to see if the process is indeed in use. If it is, wait until the report launching process is finished (launching a report may take some time).

If the system is hanging for no apparent reason, delete the SinaiMutex.mtx file found in your temp directory.


SQL error:

Message box reads: “SQL server does not exist or access denied”

or “General network error. Check your network documentation”

The SQL server has stopped.

Restart SQL server from Services.


Web pages show HTML text, not forms and buttons

Microsoft .NET is not properly registered, so pages are not being processed by .NET. Possibly .NET was installed before Publisher.

Refer to Manually Registering Microsoft .NET on page 79to register .NET.

Avoiding Excel errors

The following recommendations will help you avoid Excel errors when using Publisher:

  • You cannot have a cell or a sheet that is referenced to a different spreadsheet in your workbook.

  • If your macro has a reference to a cell in a specific spreadsheet, the cell must be specified with the sheet name.  (This concerns only workbooks that contain multiple spreadsheets).

  • If your workbook has a macro runtime error, no errors are displayed, and when you generate the report, the VB debug window opens up.


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