Launching a Report

Once you have configured a report template, you are ready to launch the report and send it to your recipients.

To manually launch a report:

  1. From the Start menu, select Programs, proCube Publisher, proCube Publisher Configuration.

  2. From the proCube Publisher Configuration tool, click Launch on the left-hand side to open the Launch Reports dialog.


Figure 1.    Launch Reports Dialog

  1. To launch a report, select the report from the list of available reports and click Launch. A message opens and confirms that the report(s) were launched.

Using the Shift and/or the Ctrl keys lets you select multiple reports for simultaneous launching.

  1. Click OK to dismiss the message. When you launch the report (and see this message), Excel and proCube open so that you can see the calculations of the reports.

If report generation problems occur due to a faulty macro or other error, you may see Excel “hang” rather than close, after it calculates reports. Pop-up messages only occur if there is a macro problem, in which case a Visual Basic Debug dialog appears. From this dialog, you can click the debug button to access the Visual Basic editor, identify the faulty macro, and fix it. Remember to save your “fix” on your original spreadsheet, not the sheet that has been calculated as a report.

All other error messages are generated in the report’s XML file, located in the C:\Temp\ directory (or any directory the installer of proCube Publisher adds into the path during the install process).

To delete a markup, select the Markups tab, select the markup from the list of available markups, and click Delete.

To delete a report, select the Reports tab, select the Report from the list of available reports, and click Delete. However, if you delete reports that have been scheduled for automatic report publishing through Microsoft Scheduler, you must remove the report name from Microsoft Scheduler’s task list. If you fail to do so, other scheduled reports will not launch.



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