In order to use the Monitor Service as an automation agent, contact Satori Support in order to locate the directory in which the Monitor will look for files as well as the recognized filenames for each Stage table.  Once this information has been provided, you may drop the CSV's with the recognized filenames into the directory.  The Monitor Service will attempt to upload each file to its destination Stage table and recognize this as a new batch of data.  The Monitor's progress may be viewed on the Monitor Summary interface of the Web Application.


Once the batch of data's upload to the Stage tables have been completed, the Monitor will follow the same steps of generating the DIL and rebuilding the cubes as the Web Application's usage manual stipulates.  By default, these are the settings that the Monitor will use:

  • The Monitor will assume an overwrite of a destination Stage table.  For example, if you process Account.csv through the Monitor Service, it will first delete the contents of Stage_Account and replace it with the contents of the CSV file you uploaded.

  • The Monitor will not initiate a rebuild of the DIL and cubes unless the Stage data is fully validated.  By default, it will validate all Stage tables, aside from those tables configured as optional (Contact Satori Support to set/get the configuration for what tables are optional).

The Monitor will only kick off a rebuild of the DIL and cubes under these conditions:

  • The entire stage environment has been marked as validated

  • The current time is within the configured time range for a DIL and cube rebuild (by default, it is set to 10:00 pm - 12:00 am.  This can be reconfigured by Satori Support)

  • The Monitor will assume a "Delete Existing Dimensional Data" dimensional option for the DIL rebuild step -- that is, it assumes a dimensional refresh, thus conforming with the assuming an overwrite approach from the Stage tables

 Upon reaching the proCube rebuild step, the Monitor Service will:

  • Backup the proCube database

  • Attempt to Disconnect all users on the server instance

  • Block the proCube instance until the rebuild is complete, after which the instance gets unblocked



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