Upload a CSV File

The Main screen displays a Staging Summary that shows a list of all of the table names, the latest status, and the latest status date. 



Note:  There may be one or more additional tables names that appear based on a customized implementation.


  1. At the bottom of the Main screen, there is a section titled "Upload CSV."

  2. Select a destination table from the drop-down list.

  3. Select an upload option by making a selection in the "Select an Option" dropdown.

    • If accessing for the first time, the only option available is "New Data"

    • If not accessing for the first time, the following options are available:

    • Append: Inserts the CSV file's contents to the destination table. If there is existing data, it will be added after.

    • Overwrite: Deletes all contents in the destination table and uploads the CSV file's contents in its place

    • Merge: The application will check to see which rows in the CSV exist as records in the destination table. If the CSV row does not exist, it is inserted. Otherwise, it is skipped.

Note: The application will always perform an overwrite for Stage_GL_Data. This is due to the fact that GL data inherently is a much larger data set than the other tables.

  1. Select a file accessible by the local machine by clicking Browse, locating the file, and double clicking on it.

  2. Click on Upload CSV.

  3. Repeat process for each individual file as necessary.


Once the load files are successfully updated, the next step to complete is General Data Integration.


Note: For larger files that are uploaded as a background process, you may need to check the Monitor Summary screen for an update. See the Monitor Summary section for details.



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