Migrating OLP Databases to a Server

Migrating OLP Databases to a Server

It may be advantageous to first create the Cubes you want on a local machine, for testing purposes, then put these Cubes on the proCube Server, in preparation for working in a production environment.

To migrate the OLP databases from client to server:

  1. Copy your database, containing the Cubes in question, to the Server.

  2. From the Data ribbon's Xchange Group, click Cube Properties. The following message opens indicating that the proCube can not find the (previously specified) driver used on the local machine.


Figure 1.    Error Message - Driver Can't be Found on Client

  1. Click OK, and the Xchange Cube Properties dialog appears, with all information filled in, but the Driver.


Figure 2.    Cube Properties without Driver

  1. Click Configure and proceed through the same sequence of Data Source Name screens, etc., to name a DSN using the same driver that was used in creating the Cube on the local machine.


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