Saving Your Work (.olt file)

Saving Your Work (.olt file)

At this point you can create/save a unique file (with an “olt” extension) that describes the Dimensions you just created.

  1. Click Save (shown in the preceding Dimension dialog image).


Figure 1.    Save As Dialog - Northwind Definition

  1. In the Save As dialog, name the file Northwind Definition and save it where you choose.

  2. Click Save. You are returned to the Dimensions dialog where all current dimensions are listed.


Figure 2.    Dimensions Dialog - Measures, Products, Customers

If you want to use these dimensions in the creation of a cube in another database (OLT files can not be used to create another cube in the same database), you can do so as follows: within the Dimensions dialog, click Load, then select the OLT file to “load in” the Dimension information. You can use this OLT file to test the cube on another machine or if you are creating the same cube numerous times, in different databases. Note, however, that once this OLT file is created, you can not modify the Dimension definitions—they are fixed as they were saved originally in the OLT file.

Keep the Dimensions dialog active and continue on to the next topic (Viewing Results in proCube).


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