Changing the License Number

Changing the License Number

The license number determines which proCube application functions are enabled and how many concurrent users may connect to the server. You can change the license number as required from proCube Management Studio.

For the new license number to become effective, the proCube server must be stopped and restarted.

To change the license number:

  1. Click the proCube button and select Options to open the Options Dialog.

  2. Highlight the Licensing tab to display client and server licensing information.


Figure 1.    Options Dialog - Licensing Tab

  1. Under Server License Information, click Specify New Serial Number to open a dialog where you can enter a new serial number for your server (If you click the serial number button under Client License Information, you'll a slightly different dialog).


Figure 2.    Specify proCube Server Serial Number

  1. Enter a serial number and click OK.


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