Enabling the Debug Option

Enabling the Debug Option

The debug option helps you to research proCube issues.

Enable the debug option only at the request of the 9Dots Support team. Once you have consulted with the Support team, make sure that services are neither started nor stopped prior to enabling the debug option.

To enable the debug option:

  1. Browse to the \BIN directory from the Install directory (Media).

    • If using proCube Advanced, copy all the files ending with *a.pdb into the \BIN Directory on the machine running proCube Server. The directory should be C:\Program Files\Satori\proCube\bin.

    • If you are running non advanced proCube, copy all the files from the Install's \BIN directory without the ending "A" into the Server's C:\program files\Satori\proCube\bin directory.

  1. Select Start, Run and type regedit to open the Registry.


  3. For each instance of proCube Server, browse to the Settings Key.

  4. Create a new DWORD Value = DebugInfo with a value of 1.

  5. Start the instances, including the instance Router.


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