Importing and Exporting Overview

Importing and Exporting Overview

When using proCube, you frequently will need to import data into your database from another system. In addition, you may also need to export the data from your model so that it can be used by someone else.

As you may already know, one of the key benefits of proCube is its ability to facilitate a bi-directional exchange of data between a relational database and your multidimensional proCube database via proCube’s Xchange component. But in cases such as those described above, the data you need to access and analyze may be in a non-ODBC-compliant system; and because Xchange requires that you work with an ODBC-compliant database, it’s not able to access data on non-ODBC-compliant systems. This is where proCube's import /export  text files capabilities are useful.

Instances when you may need to import data to (or export data from) a proCube database include the following:

  • Importing from or exporting to non-ODBC compliant databases or mainframes

  • Modifying your own database’s Metadata, Formulas, and Fact Data via an import script

  • Sharing models with other users by exporting Metadata and Fact Data  (Typically, an export procedure would involve having another user create a new blank database; importing Metadata files to create the database structure; and then importing Fact Data files to populate the database with data.)

  • proCube allows you to import Metadata or Fact  Data in the form of flat, delimited text files or XML (Extensible Markup Language). Conversely, you can also export the Metadata or Fact Data (in the form of cubes and slices) from your proCube multidimensional database and into a text or XML file that can in turn be imported into another system.

In fact, this is the procedure we will follow in the following exercise. First, you will export a portion of the Metadata of your Acme Trading Company database. We will then export a particular Cube or Slice (whose data you want to hypothetically share, for example, with another User, whom we’ll call “User B”).  You will then learn how to import these text files, even though we won’t actually import into the Acme Trading Company.

To populate under populated portions of the Acme Trading Company database with populated portions, go to Transferring a cube.

When you export from proCube, a flat, delimited text file (.txt) is written to the  folder or network location you select.

With proCube, you can import and export the following:

  • Export Metadata

  • Export a Cube or Slice

  • Import Metadata

  • Import Fact Data

  • Importing From a Tab Delimited Text File in Excel

A detailed explanation of all Metadata and Fact Data Import Commands is found in Advanced Reference Materials.


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