Using the proCube Sample Database

proCube's Sample Database

A proCube database is a self-contained file containing Metadata and Fact Data . Metadata is used to describe the structure of a multidimensional Cube(s) contained within a database—including a Cube’s dimensions; the Members and the Hierarchy of these Members within a Dimension; Member Aliases; and Cube Formulas. Cubes store Fact Data values at Dimension-member intersection points (much like a worksheet array does, but in a row-by-column format). In short:

  • Metadata refers to the structure of the Cube

  • Fact Data refers to the data values that pertain to your company’s business activities.

proCube uses a single, optimized file for storing all data associated with a database to ensure fast loading and saving, as well as easy distribution. A proCube database file is identified by an “.olp ” file extension.

Starting the sample database

This topic walks you through a number of exercises using a sample databases. In order to use a database, it must first be opened on a proCube server, which can be running on your computer or another computer.

The Acme Trading Company.olp database provided in the Program Files\Satori\proCube\Examples folder is used to demonstrate the exercises. Follow these procedures to open up the sample proCube database from the server.

Opening a sample database on the server

If you are running a proCube server in Windows 7, you need to run it as an administrator as described in Managing the Server.

To open a sample database on the server:

  1. From the Start Menu, open proCube Management Studio.


Figure 1.    proCube Management Studio - Server View

  1. Click Services and select Add Server to open the Add Server dialog.


Figure 2.    Services Menu - Add Server

  1. From the Add Server dialog, enter your server and click Add.


Figure 3.    Add Server Dialog

  1. Click OK. Your server appears in Server View.


Figure 4.       Server View - Managing a Server

  1. From Server View, right-click on your server to reopen the Services Menu. Click Load Database to open the Load Database dialog.


Figure 5.    Load Database Dialog

  1. Click Browse and go to C:\program files\satori\examples\ACME Trading Company.olp. to enter your database path and file into the dialog.

  2. Click OK to load your database.

  3. Reopen the Services Menu and click Manage Server to open a dialog from which you can start the server.


Figure 6.    Manage Server

  1. Click Start. The ACME database is now running on your server. Let it continue to run.

Opening a proCube Database from proCube Windows


  1. From your client, open Windows.

  2. From the proCube Management Studio, go to Server View and Add a Server as described in Add Server Dialog.

  3. From the Server View, right-click your server and select Connect. You are now ready to run the ACME Trading Company database from your client.


Figure 7.    Connecting a Database within the Client

Only one proCube database may be open at any given time.

Closing a proCube database

The Close Database command closes the connection to the database located on the server. When you have completed work within one database, you may still wish to work with another database. You must first close the currently open database before opening another database.

To close an open database without open slices, simply close the application. To close a database with open slices:

  1. From the proCube Management Studio, go to the Report ribbon and click Close. If your open slices have not been saved, proCube will prompt you to save.


Figure 8.    Save Slice

  1. Click Yes to save the slice(s) and close the database. Click No to close the database connection without saving the slice(s).

Any changes to metadata or fact data will be saved whether you save your slice or not.

Saving a proCube database from the server

Saving changes to the database is accomplished from the server and not from the proCube Windows client.

A proCube user who is a “client” working from a server database cannot save the database on the server. A server-based database can be saved only from the server . As a consequence, the Save Database and Save All menu selections (and associated toolbar buttons) are not available from the client.

Also, if you are running a proCube server in Windows 7, you need to run it as an administrator as described in Managing the Server.

To save the database from the server:

  1. From proCube Management Studio running on the server, right-click on the server name within Server View.


Figure 9.    Saving a Database from the Server

  1. From the Services Menu, select Save.

  2. Close the server database.

9Dots recommends enabling the automatic backup function in proCube. Go to Managing the Server for more information.




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