Overview — proCube's Integration with Excel

The integration between proCube and Excel enables a bi-directional link between the two programs. This lets you update worksheet data values in Excel and instantly write and save those updates to proCube.

With the click of a button, you can create a new Excel worksheet. You can do this within Excel by using the Slice Wizard or from a slice within proCube. Both methods dynamically link your Excel worksheets to proCube.

proCube's Excel integration lets you:

  • integrate directly with Excel

  • launch the Slice Wizard to create reports directly from Excel

  • quickly access proCube functions in Excel

  • tap into over 75 proCube functions

  • increase integration performance and usability with Microsoft .NET architecture

  • directly set the value of a cell or employ Excel's paste method, thus eliminating OLAPPaste.

proCube’s installation process automatically installs the necessary add-in components into Excel including an Excel a ribbon (or toolbar) containing easy-to-use proCube commands .For more information refer to proCube’s Excel Ribbon/Toolbar. Also refer to Configuring the proCube and Excel integration.



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