File Format

Acceptable Import File Formats


Comma Separated Values

CSV format (for details refer to /wiki /Comma-separated_values) is the recommended format of the import files.  It allows the Satori products to easily understand the information contained within.  It contains the source data in ready-to-load tabular format.

Commonly Used Tools to Create Import Files

The following tools are often used to create extracts of data from source systems.  Often this effort requires a DBA to perform the extract under the guidance of a business analyst familiar with the source systems and target requirements.

Common Mistakes

Extracting data from the source system can be a cumbersome experience requiring the combined expertise of a DBA and a business analyst.  The data is required to be extracted in a given format and some of the data may need to be derived.  Additional problems arise if data must be combined between multiple source systems.

Modest data verification should be performed prior to delivery including the following.

  • Does the import file match the file format?

  • Are there any unprintable characters in the file?

  • Is the correct number of files created?

  • Does the number of lines in each file make sense?

  • Are codes used consistently throughout all files?

  • Are there any required fields missing or empty?


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