Common Scenarios

'''CSV Files Uploaded, But A Required CSV File Failed Upload'''[[BR]]



The Monitor Service will reach the Validate Staging step and fail, because a required CSV is in CSV Upload Failed status.  The Monitor Service will attempt to keep validating until it succeeds.


Resolution Actions:

  • Uploading a new file for the Monitor to process OR

  • Manually uploading a good file through the Web Application.


'''CSV Files Uploaded, But Stage Environment Invalid'''[[BR]]



The Monitor service will reach the Validate Staging step and fail, because some of either fact-to-dimensional data validation failures or table-specific validation failures


Resolution Actions:

  • In the Web Application, go to Generate Integration Layer, selecting the Fact and Dimensional Data option.  Select all dimension tables and select all the required fact tables and click Validate Staging.  You will see what fact-to-dimensional or table-specific validation errors occurred.

  • These validation errors are resolved by uploading new CSV files which address the validation errors

  • Optionally, the data can be manually pushed to the DIL and proCube via the Web Application.  The Monitor will need to be Stopped and Started via the Monitor Summary screen of the Web Application, so to reset the batch and stop the continuous validation.


'''CSV Files Uploaded, Stage Environment Validated, But DIL and proCube Rebuild Step Failed'''



The Monitor Service will indicate a failure of a process handled by the DIL and proCube Rebuild step.  The Monitor Service will attempt to perform a DIL and proCube Rebuild again in the configured interval from above.


Possible Points of Failure:

  • Rebuild DIL

  • Backup proCube Database

  • Disconnect Users from proCube Server

  • Rebuild proCube Database


Resolution Actions:

Since the root cause of a DIL and proCube Rebuild step is usually involved in the underlying components, it is recommended that you contact 9Dots Support if you encounter any issues in this step.


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