Straight-Through Automated Upload and Prerequisites

Straight-Through Automated Upload

In order to streamline the load process, the Monitor Service can also act as an automation agent and watch a configured directory for recognized CSV file names.  If any recognized CSV files are detected, the Monitor Service will load the data directly to the file's destination Stage table, validate the Stage data, fully rebuild the DIL in the proCube Xchange cubes.


  1. The following configuration steps should be performed with Satori Support prior to actively using the Monitor Service as an automation agent:

    1. Determine what are the recognized file names for each Stage table.  By default, the naming convention of the [http://phlipdev/Documentation/StagedPlanning/files2/RequiredFiles-txt.html Staged Planning Specification] is adhered.  If there are any custom tables, please consult with Satori Support to retrieve the naming convention for the new tables that are not part of the standard spec.

    2. Determine what directory the Monitor Service will watch.

    3. Determine the time frame in which the Monitor Service will be allowed to attempt DIL and proCube Rebuilds.

    4. Determine what tables will be excluded as part of the Validate Staging step.


Note: By default, Stage_Asset_Class and Stage_Asset_Data are both listed as optional tables for the Validate Staging Step.


  1. Determine what Xchange cubes will be part of the DIL and proCube Rebuild step.


Note: By default, Xchange GL Data, Xchange Employee Data, Xchange FTE, Xchange TK Rates, Xchange Asset, Xchange WIP AR will be rebuilt.



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