Avoiding CSV Errors

Following the file format guidelines will ensure that CSV errors do not occur. Aside from basic data structure, the following "quick guidelines" will ensure an error-free load:

  1. Follow the structure of the destination table accurately.

Note:  If a destination table has 5 columns but the last 2 columns have no data (and are nullable), define them appropriately

    • Examples (assuming a table of 5 columns):

    • Incorrect: "1001","Accounts Payable","Accounts Payable"

    • Correct Formats:

    • Option 1: "1001","Accounts Payable","Accounts Payable","",""

    • Option 2: "1001","Accounts Payable","Accounts Payable"

  1. As a rule of thumb, always qualify each column using double quotes ("). If a double quote character exists as valid data in a column, replace it with a single quote ('Johnny').


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