Application Overview

 Web Application

  • Web interface to upload CSV load files.

  • Provides real-time feedback of CSV data validation (except for CSV files exceeding 2400 KB in size)

  • Enables users to track the status of CSV data uploads

  • Enables users  to generate and populate the Data Integration Layer.

  • Enables Append, Overwrite, and Merge functionality of the data.

  Monitor Service

  • Enables the upload of very large CSV load files (greater than 2400 KB in size) to the ViP environment with minimal intrusion to the web application experience.

  • Enables the mass upload of CSV load files versus having to upload each file one at a time via the web interface.  The load files must be uploaded to an assigned fileshare which can be accessible by Satori application.

  • The CSV load files uploaded to this fileshare must follow a pre-defined specification for naming conventions and content].

 Notification Service

  • Enables periodic e-mail updates of the Monitor's activities.  Intervals can be preset by the user.


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