Installing proCube Security Manager

This topic covers the pre-requisites for installing proCube Security, the actual installation, which uses an installation wizard, and the Options dialog, which lets you make your configuration settings for proCube Security Manager.


The installation prerequisites for proCube also apply for proCube Security Manager. Install proCube before installing proCube Security Manager. Refer to proCube's online help for details on the prerequisites and installation procedures for that product.

Installing proCube Security Manager

Below are instructions for installing proCube Security Manager, which can be installed for 32- or 64-bit versions (the same version as your proCube installation). These instructions assume that you have determined which version you will install and the location of the Setup.exe file contained on your installation source.

To install proCube Security Manager:

  1. Double-click Setup.exe to start the installation process and open the proCube Security Manager Setup. The initial dialog concerns installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Report Viewer, which is used for the reporting functionality.

  2. Click Accept to install the report viewer software and continue with proCube Security Manager installation. The Welcome dialog opens shortly.


Figure 1.    Welcome Dialog

  1. Click Next to open the License Agreement dialog.


Figure 2.    License Agreement Dialog

  1. Select 'I agree' and click Next to open the Select Installation Folder.


Figure 3.    Select Installation Folder Dialog

  1. In the Folder: field, accept the given installation folder and path, edit it, or click Browse to select a different installation folder. Click Disk Cost to check the amount of required space vs how much available space your hard disks have. Select for whom this installation will apply: Everyone who uses this computer or Just me. Click Next to open the Confirm Installation dialog.

  2. Click Next to open the Create Shortcuts dialog.


Figure 4.    Shortcuts Dialog

  1. Select the shortcuts you want to create and click Next to open the Confirm Installation dialog.


Figure 5.    Confirm Installation Dialog

  1. Click Next to install. When the installation is finished, the Installation Complete dialog opens.


Figure 6.    Confirm Installation Dialog

  1. Click Close to complete the installation and dismiss the setup wizard.

Go to Options dialog for to make your proCube Security Manager configuration settings.


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