Utilities Overview

Utilities Overview

This topic describes a variety of utilities that help enhance your usage of proCube by automating otherwise manual tasks. Each utility is defined and provided with both procedural information , and detailed to aid in troubleshooting efforts. proCube utilities are useful both when upgrading to proCube and for ongoing technical diagnosis and maintenance.

These utilities are for advanced users, administrators, and 9Dots consultants. The utilities are unsupported, providing only basic fault tolerance for illogical user entries. For instance, specifying a non-existent proCube server name is unsupported. These utilities require a high degree of competence within the operating system, DOS command-line operations, proCube, and database file handling.

Prior to using any of these utilities, back up your data to removable media.

Version compatibility matrix

When upgrading to proCube and using proCube Publisher or proCube Web, the version numbers must be as follows:



proCube Windows


proCube Publisher (optional)


proCube Web (optional)



All utilities, except XMLValidator, require the proCube database structure.





Command-line equivalent to the proCube command, Rebuild Cube.

Replaces the old pxrebuild utility, using the .NET platform that no longer requires the full proCube Windows process to execute.

Requires the proCube database structure. If your system was upgraded to proCube, run any time.


A Windows program that exports and imports fact and metadata from a database to a new database. Uses a wizard interface to invoke all the procedure steps.  The wizard steps can be performed in a complete series or separately.

This utility also cleans inconsistencies that arise due to, for instance, uncompleted processes or illogical imported data.

Requires the proCube database structure, so if the system was upgraded to proCube, run any time.

Use after XMLValidator shows problems


Windows program to check the integrity of metadata. Also includes a function to transform the metadata, which enables any programmatic capabilities of XSLT transformations.

No dependency related to proCube—simply validates an XML file against a schema (XSD) file. Schema files, on the other hand, are specific to versions of proCube. The schema for proCube are documented in XMLValidator.


Windows program to monitor the users and activity occurring on the server.

Runs in Admin or View mode. Separate 32- and 64-bit versions.

Folder location

These utilities are located on the installation CD in the Utilities folder. Copy this folder under C:\Program Files\proCube so it becomes C:\Program Files\proCube\Utilities. Refer toPromo.exe for the location of that utility.



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