Configuring the Server for Xchange

Configuring the Server for Xchange

In order for the server to authenticate itself against a SQL Server database, it must be configured with a validated User ID with the appropriate permissions to connect with the SQL database.

Consult a System Administrator to create a user (named OLAPAdmin) for a domain account/active directory and then assign rights to that OLAPAdmin user to allow them to log on to the SQL database. Then follow the instructions below to configure the proCube server service.

Configuring proCube server service

Continuing now with our example User Account, OLAPAdmin, we must now configure the proCube Server Service to log on as that User Account.

  1. Start Services and locate the proCube Server. Stop the service if it is  running.

  1. Double-click proCube Server to open the Server Properties dialog.


Figure 1.    Server Properties Dialog

  1. Click the Log On tab and then select This account.

  2. Click Browse to open the Select User dialog.

  3. Select OLAPAdmin from the list of names and click OK. You are returned to the Service Properties dialog.

  1. Enter a Password and then confirm that password.

  2. Click OK. A message box appears which states that OLAPAdmin has been granted server rights.

  1. Click OK to return to the Services dialog.

  2. Click Start to start proCube Server.

  1. Close the Services dialog.

Configuring an ODBC data source

At this point, you need to configure an ODBC data source. For details, go to Defining an ODBC Data Source Between proCube and an SQL Server Database.


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