Non-English Character Support

Non-English Character Support

By default, proCube™ is set to run in US English using the US English character set. You can configure a single client running proCube to accept a character set (numbers, dates, etc.) other than the character set used for standard US English. For example, you might choose to configure proCube to accept Swedish characters because you are working in Sweden. Note that proCube will continue to show English–language field and menu labels while accepting non-English characters.

Adding character support

You can add character support before or after installing proCube/Excel. The instructions below refer to Windows 2003 Server.

  1. From the Control Panel, open the Regional and Language Options Dialog. The Regional Options tab displays.


Figure 1. Regional and Language Options – Regional Options Tab

  1. If you want to modify the formatting of numbers, currency, time or date, make sure that English (United States) is the selected language and that United States is the selected location and then click Customize…  to open the Customize Regional Options dialog.


Figure 2. Customize Regional Options Dialog

  1. Using the different tabs in this dialog, you can access the characters that you want to change. Make your changes and click Apply.

  2. Click OK to save changes and dismiss the dialog.

  3. To support the characters that you have changed, from the Regional and Language Options dialog, click the Advanced tab and select the language version (e.g., Swedish).


Figure 3. Advanced tab

  1. Click Apply and then click OK.

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