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This topic explains how to configure settings within the Options Dialog. You can configure preferences, formats, and licensing. The Options dialog is accessed from the proCube button.


On the Preferences tab you will set general database options: authentication mode, calculation mode, and the OLAP Excel worksheet type.

To set preferences:

  1. Click the proCube button and select Options to open the Options dialog.

  2. Click Preferences.


Figure 1.    Options Dialog - Preferences

Preference Definition

Settings Description

Authentication -sets network authentication when using a secure proCube database.

Automatic  — uses the network user name of the person connecting to the secure proCube database without prompting for a user name or password.

Manual  — requires the user to provide a user name and password to access the secure proCube database.

Calculation Mode - determines the setting for slice calculations.

Automatic — populates a new slice or immediately recalculates changes made to a slice.

Manual (default) — to populate or recalculate a slice, press F9 after opening the slice or making a change within the slice.

Create Excel Worksheet Using OLAP - determines the type of Excel worksheet generated from proCube Management Studio.

Read/Write — creates an OLAPReadWrite worksheet.

Table (default) —  creates an OLAPTable worksheet.

Pivot  —  creates an OLAPPivot worksheet.


The Format tab in the Options dialog box allows you to customize the appearance of your slices. Here you set the fonts that your slices use and also their number formats.


Figure 2.    Options Dialog - Format

Display Fonts for a slice are set for Detail Data, Read-Only Data, Detail Label and Aggregate Label. Number Format sets the default appearance of slice numbers.

To change the default font or number formatting:

  1. Open a Slice.

  2. Open the Options Dialog and select the Format tab.

  3. Click the Font button for one of the four font options to open the familiar Windows font descriptor dialog.

  4. Select a new format (including Font, Font Style, Size, Color, etc.).

  5. Click OK.

To return to the default fonts for all font options, click Reset to Defaults.

  1. Select a number value format from Number Format.

  2. Click OK to update the current slice with you font or numbering format changes.


The Licensing Tab shows the serial number and client ID number for the product. To specify a new serial number for client or server, click the appropriate button. A dialog opens and you can enter your new serial number.



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