Data Validation

By far the most common support ticket received by 9Dots, and what are usually the easiest tickets to diagnose, are those that deal with seemingly incorrect data. Whether it be actual, budget, or forecasted data, it is a product of the same process:

Your ERP system -> our SQL database -> proCube Xchange cube -> proCube Submodule cube

The proCube xChange cubes house nothing but raw, actual data from SQL. There are no formulas, and the data housed in these cubes should be an accurate reflection of the data in your ERP system.

The proCube submodule cubes (FinRep, Compensation etc.) are the cubes that put the data from the Xchange cubes to work. Through various formulas and dependencies, the submodule cubes construct your forecasts for the final product to be published in reports.

If you ever come across data that seems incorrect, there are a few steps that you can follow to ensure it is an actual issue, versus a simple oversight.

If you are in a onePlan Excel report:

  1. In order to identify the cube the report is referencing, from anywhere within the report hold Control-U, and that will present the design page of the report.
    • Be careful not to alter anything within the design page.
  2. Scroll towards the bottom where you will see something like the below. This is an example from the P&L Planner; you can see that it is referencing the Cube Name: FinRep.
  3. The next step is to ensure that the actual data in your submodule cube (example: FinRep), matches the actual data in the corresponding xChange cube (example: GL or X Ledger Balance).
  4. The associations are pretty intuitive.
    1. FinRep <- X Ledger Balance or GL
    2. FTE & Headcount <- X FTE or FTE & Headcount Xchange
    3. Employee <- X Employee or Employee Xchange
    4. Compensation <- X Compensation or Compensation Xchange
    5. Revenue <- X Revenue or Revenue Xchange
  5. If the actuals in the submodule cube do not match the actuals the Xchange cube, we have a problem. Contact us.
  6. If they do match, we want to take one step further back into your ERP system.
  7. If you can confirm that the actual data in the Xchange cubes does not properly reflect the actual data in your ERP system, we have a problem. Contact us.

There are certainly going to be data related issues that fall outside the realm of these directions, and those issues will require us to look at the appropriate formulas and dependencies, which we do not expect you to do. If you believe the data in question is a result of you or colleague’s work within the formulas or dependencies, it may fall under billable time for us to correct it. However if you have run through these validation steps and still believe it to be an issue with our system build, we will be glad to fix it.


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